AKRO’s collaboration with Fractal Rose, a new-born startup specializing in imported arrangements of Preserved Roses, epitomizes a comprehensive design transformation, covering every facet of brand identity and e-commerce.

Scope of Work: End-to-End Branding & E-Commerce Mastery

Brand Identity Unveiled: Our journey began by curating an impactful brand identity, spanning logo design, color palette selection, and comprehensive brand guidelines. This visual foundation resonated with the world of luxury interior design, setting the stage for distinction.

Visual Excellence: AKRO’s expertise extended to capturing product allure. Our adept lens translated Preserved Roses into captivating product imagery, ready to captivate interior designers and their clientele.

Packaging Refined: We meticulously crafted packaging designs that evoke the elegance of the product itself. This intricate touch added an extra layer of allure, conveying a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Bespoke Shopify Storefront: Our e-commerce prowess shone as we brought Fractal Rose’s vision to life through a bespoke Shopify website. Seamlessly navigating the convergence of aesthetics and functionality, the platform offers an immersive shopping experience tailored for discerning interior designers.

Results : The meticulous synergy of AKRO’s design expertise and strategic prowess culminated in Fractal Rose’s elevated online presence. From captivating logo to all-encompassing e-commerce, the collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering transformative design journeys that resonate with professionalism and finesse.

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