KS Rent is a new luxury car rental and chauffeur service company that came to AKRO for help with their branding, web design, SEO, and consulting needs. Our team worked closely with KS Rent to develop a brand that would resonate with their target audience of luxury automobile lovers.

Scope of Work: Brand Identity & Web Development

Brand Development: We started by creating a logo for KS Rent that captured the essence of their brand. Our goal was to create a logo from the base that the client liked in order to make it highly personalised. The key was making the logo sharp and memorable.

Web Development & UI Design: Once we had established the brand identity, we began working on the website design and core functionality. We aimed to create a user-friendly website that would allow to seamlessly reserve luxury cars online. Our team implemented a custom wordpress theme and built self coded car reservation plugin and an account system on top of it.

Creative Forces: In addition to branding and web design, our team provided creative consultation services to help KS Rent grow. Our team provided recommendations for social media and advertising campaigns to help drive traffic to the website and increase conversions prior to Cannes Film Festival

Results: Our work with KS Rents has resulted in a significant increase in their online visibility and brand recognition. 

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