PunkTee: NFT-based Streetwear Brand with Decentralized Governance

Scope of Work:
Brand Development: We created a modern, sleek, and sophisticated logo for PunkTee that captures the essence of the brand’s NFT-based streetwear. Our goal was to create a logo that conveyed the brand’s decentralized governance and commitment to community involvement.

Web Development & UI Design:
After establishing the brand identity, we designed a user-friendly Web3 website and online boutique to sell NFT-based clothing. The website features clean and modern design elements, optimized user interface, and provides a seamless browsing experience for visitors.

Creative Forces:
Our team continually works on designing limited NFT-based collections and competitions for creators to develop NFT designs. We also offer rewards to the original holders of our “Modern Punks” NFT collection to encourage community participation.


Our work with PunkTee has resulted in the successful development and launch of a cutting-edge decentralized streetwear brand based on Solana blockchain. Our brand has gained significant traction among fashion enthusiasts and crypto communities. Our OG “Modern Punks” collection, featuring 500 algorithmically generated NFT designs, has sold out within hours of launch. We are excited to continue developing new NFT-based collections and to expand into the metaverse to dress digital creatures on various blockchains with PunkTee’s streetwear. Join our community to help shape the future of decentralized fashion with PunkTee. Stay tuned for our next limited collection drop by following our Discord or Twitter.

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